Flickering lights are most often a result of a connection problem. This can be inside the home, or it can be outside the home.

If you have an overhead service, then my first recommendation, would be to contact the utility company and let them know your issues, and see if they can check the connections with their wiring. This should not be any money out of pocket for you. If you have an underground service, then the problem most likely is in the home.

Electricity is a strange creature, sometimes the flickering lights will be isolated to one area of the house, and your first thought is that you have a problem in that area, and it winds up being a bad utility connection.

This why, I recommend having your utility service checked first.

If your utility, checks fine and your flickering lights are in multiple areas of the house then, you need to contact an electrician to check your electrical panel for connection issues.

If your flickering lights are isolated to one are of your house, then the next place to check is connections at the switch. If the switch is good, let’s take a look at the light.

Now depending on the age of the home, your electrical devices, switches and receptacles may have been backstabbed. When I first started my journey, to become an electrician in 1993, backstabbing devices , was not happening. I have read that this was common in the 70’s however I can not say for sure. What I do know,is that it is a problem.

If you are experiencing issues of any kind and are in need of an electrician, please give me a call. I will take care of you.


Mike Griggs
Corps Electric